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Gelendzhik is a town of regional subordination in Krasnodar Territory of Russia, one of popular resorts on the Black Sea coast of Caucasus. The population of this town is 52.6 thousand people (2008).

A little about geography and administration of Gelendzhik

The town is situated in southwest of Krasnodar Territory, twenty five kilometers southeast of Novorossiysk, at the foothill of western part of Markoth mountain ridge, on the coast of Gelendzhik Bay of the Black Sea.

The Municipal entity of Gelendzhik resort includes 21 population centers:

- town of Gelendzhik;

- Arkhipo-Osipovka village district (village Arkhipo-Osipovka, village Tekos, village Teshebs);

- Kabardian village district (village Kabardinka, farm Afonka, village Vinogradnoye, village Maryina Roshcha);

- Divnomorsky village district (village Divnomorskoye, village Aderbiyevka, village Vozrozhdeniye, farm yard Dzhankhot, village Praskoveyevka, settlement Svetly, farm yard Shirokaya Shchel);

- Pshada village district (village Pshada, village Beregovoye, farm yard Betta, village Krinitsa, village Mikhailovsky Pereval, farm yard Shirokaya Pshadskaya Shchel).

Total length of borders is 251 km.

The length of coastal line along the Black Sea (from the city of Novorossiysk to Tuapse district) is about 100 km.

Population - 87,980 thousand.

The town of Gelendzhik itself is situated on the coast of an oval bay closed by two capes. The left one, high and cliffy, is called Tolstiy (Thick), and the right one, flat and low, is called Tonkiy (Thin). The distance between them is one nautical mile (1,852 m).

All settlements pertaining to the municipal entity of Gelendzhik resort also have specific features depending on their exact location. Kabardinian and Divnomorsky village districts, for instance, are located on open sea coast and by the present time they have been formed as independent resorts, and Pshada village district is famous for its peach gardens and the stillness of its green slopes.

Sights and entertainments of Gelendzhik


Each year the resort season is opened by a traditional festive carnival "Sun smiles upon Gelendzhik" (first Sunday of June), Russian national festival of arts "Southern nights" (August-September), All-Russian festival of Children and Youth Literary and Artistic Works "Children and books" are also held.

Entertainment industry is at a proper level:

Two cableways

Safari park

Safari park

Here you can see wild animals, visit the exhibition complex "From the Depth of Centuries and Waters", enter the first artificial cave in Russia, ascend by cableway to the top of the Markhoth ridge and enjoy the views of Gelendzhik town and bay from the height of 640 m (extension of cableway is 1,600 m, ascension time is 24 minutes, there is a cafe and a restaurant on top).

Opening times:
Phone: +7 (86141) 2-06-30.
Address: Gelendzhik, Odesskaya street 13-a. See map view

Entertainment complex "Olymp"

Olymp Olymp

Zoo with wild animals, oceanarium, terrarium, children's village, bowling club, concert hall, observation wheel, fishing, horse rides, jeep rides, quad bike rides, chain of cafes and mountain restaurant, as well as the main amusement ride of the park - the cableway (altitude of viewing platform is 600 m over the sea level, extension - 1,150 m, ascension time - 15 minutes) are open for you every day.

Opening times:
Phone: +7 (928) 443-07-70; +7 (86141) 47-228.
Address: Gelendzhik, Kupriyanova Shchel 1 (near the new bus terminal). See map view

Water parks

Golden Bay

Water parks Water parks

Dozens of water amusement rides, parking lot, hotel, communications facilities, dancing and sporting grounds, children's water amusement center. The water park is located on the area of over 15 ha and is the largest one in Russia. Here you can frolic on water amusement rides, tumbling about in warm water and lolling in the caressing beams of the southern sun.

Opening times: from 9:00 to 19:00
Phone: +7 (86141) 2-65-90; +7 (86141) 2-62-33.
Address: Gelendzhik, Turisticheskaya street 23 (terminal stop Golubaya Volna). You can go there by buses ## 3, 5, 7 until the stop "AZS", later on foot along Turisticheskaya street for about 200 m, direct route # 1 (terminal stop), fixed-route taxis ## 3, 5, 7 until the stop "AZS", direct routes ## 1, 21. See map view

River Horse

Water parks Water parks Water parks

17 water slides, three swimming pools 1,100 square meters each, racks for sunbathing and recreation, cafe, parking lot. A large children's complex: shallow pool, 5 original children's slides, fountains, water guns. Exclusive playground is equipped with amusement rides of various complexities to fit your child's age. Child minders are provided. Area of the water park is 1.6 ha.

Opening times: from 10:00 to 19:00.
Phone: +7 (86141) 3-36-65; +7 (86141) 3-23-10.
Address: Gelendzhik, Lunacharskogo street 159 (stop "Solntse"). You can get there by buses ## 1, 3, 5, 7, fixed-route taxis ## 1, 3, 5, 7, 21, 29, 40. See map view
For more details, click here... (Russian only)


Water parks Water parks Water parks

8 slides, several swimming pools, wading pool with slides, cafe on the territory of the water park, racks for suntans and rest, luggage room and locker room.

Opening times: from 10:00 to 18:00.
Phone: +7 (86141) 5-38-94.
Address: Gelendzhik, Revolyutsionnaya street 8. See map view
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Gelendzhik Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium Dolphinarium

Visitors are guaranteed warm reception and a wide range of numbers: breathtaking dances on water, wondrous vocalizing, spectacular acrobatics, sea of joy and fountains of delight, fireworks of splashes and unforgettable impressions! Also a chance to become the owner of a unique picture painted by a dolphin and to get photographed with the charming sea creatures.

Opening times: Monday - 15:30 and 18:00; other days - 10:00, 12:30, 15:30, 18:00, 20:30.
Phone: +7 (86141) 33-0-33; +7 (86141) 33-0-55.
Address: Gelendzhik, Lunacharskogo street 130 (stop "Dvorets Kultury"). Get there by buses ## 1, 3, 5, 7, 8; fixed-route taxis ## 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 22, 29, to the stop "Dvorets Kultury" (Palace of Culture). See map view

An oceanarium

Oceanarium Oceanarium Oceanarium

Visitors receive lots of delight and learn many new things about the life of sea animals. Excursions are conducted by qualified specialists in biology who lay down materials on marine fauna studies in an interesting form, not boring for either adults or children.

Opening times: from 9:00 to 20:00.
Phone: +7 (86141) 33-523.
Address: Gelendzhik, Revolyutsionnaya street 11. See map view
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Water aviation show

Gelendzhik	Water aviation show Water aviation show Water aviation show

The main purpose of the show is to demonstrate water- and ship-borne aviation, to show the prospects of its development and possibilities of its using for transportation of passengers and cargos, tourism, for performing of patrol and rescue operations at sea, assisting in emergencies and ecological disasters.

Opening times: from 9 to 12 september 2010.
Phone: +7 (86141) 280-91; +7 (86141) 280-94.
Address: Gelendzhik, Solnechnaya street 3. See map view

Boat tours

Excursions to the open sea, Golubaya Bukhta, "Sail" rock are organized by motor ships Salamandra, Imperia, catamaran Globus and numerous yachts. On board the ships night discotheques in open sea are also organized.

Opening times:
Phone: cashier's office of the sea port +7 (86141) 200-89.
Address: Gelendzhik, Pervomayskaya street 1. See map view
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Diving clubs

Diving clubs Diving clubs Diving clubs

Will make you feel the conqueror of sea depths and become part of fraternity of active romantics - divers.

Sea Cat

Opening times:
Phone: +7 (918) 439-68-97; +7 (903) 456-78-95.
Address: Gelendzhik, Turisticheskaya street (tourists hotel Solnechnaya), berth. See map view

Entertainments on water:

Catamarans, scooters, rides on inflatable bananas, tablets, diving to the sea bottom with an aqualung, fishing ...


-Mountain rides on jeeps and quad bikes.

Holiday camps

There are several beautiful sites for camping both within the town and in the country.

Tonkiy cape

Phone: +7 (918) 449-52-96; +7 (928) 426-67-86.
Address: Gelendzhik, Tonkiy cape (from the federal highway turn to the airport at the end of Desantnaya street, the landmark is Road Patrol Service station). See map view
For more details, click here... (Russian only)
GPS coordinates: 44.5633756566, 38.0162626494

Green Haven

Phone: +7 (918) 468-70-00.
Address: Gelendzhik, Tolstiy cape (Divnomorsk direction). See map view
For more details, click here... (Russian only)
GPS coordinates: 44.5264492584, 38.0940208204

Sosnovy Shelter

Phone: +7 (918) 430-84-47; +7 (918) 410-67-44.
Address: Gelendzhik, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Experimental Forestry Farm of Kabardinian Forest District, block 51, Sosnovaya Roshcha, Shchel # 2 (in the territory of settlement Golubaya Bukhta). See map view
For more details, click here... (Russian only)
GPS coordinates: 44.583756014, 37.9634506939

- "Big Blue", most popular among townspeople. See map view

- "In the Blue Bay", near the beach.

- "Near the Lighthouse" - walk on foot through sanatorium "Polyarnaya Zvezda", free admission, bus # 5 will get you to the sanatorium.

Horse rides, paintball

settlement Vozrozhdeniye, phone +7 (988) 333 2322


Throughout the entire resort season you can purchase various excursion routes on the central quay, near the sea port.


Gelendzhik Dolmens Dolmens Dolmens

In the vicinities of village Vozrozhdeniye there are ancient structures of the bronze age epoch, dolmens built about 5,000 years ago. The dolmens were first mentioned in 1749 by Academician Peter Pallas. Ancient builders drew symbolic paintings on the walls of the dolmens. The dolmens were discovered on the top of mountain Neksis, in the valley of Zhane river, where a whole group of dolmens is located, in the valley of Pshada river and in the vicinity of holiday village Shirokaya Shchel.

Excursions are organized to the dolmens today. Especially popular is the valley of Zhane river where the residents of Gelendzhik gather together for May holidays. During high season a great many excursion firms offer routes to these places. Of special popularity is jeeping on the routes Zhane-Pshada:

Address: Gelendzhik, Sukhumskoye highway. You can reach it by motor car or bus to the settlement Pshada (stop 4 km short of the settlement).


Waterfalls Waterfalls Waterfalls

Zhane river and its tributaries form a picturesque valley with a cascade of waterfalls in the vicinity of village Vozrozhdeniye. Everyone can bathe on a hot summer day in cool waters of the mountain river. Old-timers say that bathing in the icy water of Emerald waterfall on Epiphany gives you health of steel for the entire year. The Emerald waterfall is located 10 km from Gelendzhik.

A unique cascade of waterfalls is situated on river Pshada. The nature of these sites is indigenous. However, it is not so simple to reach these waterfalls: one has to cross the mountain Pshada on foot, which takes about two days. The highest waterfall is 16 meters high. You can bathe in one of the stone bowls.

Address: You can go by motor car or by bus to the settlement Vozrozhdeniye. Then walk through the mountains.

"Sail" rock

Sail rock Sail rock

Not far from the beach of Praskoveyevka resort there is an interesting monument created by the nature itself. It is a flat rock thirty meters high and twenty meters wide, resembling a sail. Its one end is washed by the sea, the other lean on the shore.

Scientists explain formation of such an unusual "sail" by the effect of breaking waves and winds.

Even more mystical is the appearance of a hole in the lower part of Sail Rock.

The official version of hole formation is the imprint of a cannonball which appeared in the middle of the 19th century. Quite mysterious, isn't it?

All those who are curious should head directly for Praskoveyevka! From Gelendzhik one can get there both by sea (by cruise boats) and by land. Clear open sea and long pebbly beach will greet you.

Address: settl. Praskoveyevka, then along the coastal strip toward Dzhankhot. During high-seasby bus goes not only to the settlement, but also further, to the beach. The bus leaves from the old bus terminal in Gelendzhik. See map view

Spring Natasha

Spring Natasha Spring Natasha Spring Natasha

At Mikhailovsky crossing there is another natural monument, spring "Natasha".

The purest spring water of this holy place for newlyweds is filled with the magic power of love.

No single wedding in the neighborhood of Gelendzhik can go without visiting the "Natasha" spring and the chapel of Sergius of Radonezh located near the spring.

You can visit the chapel, admire the waterfalls, listen to the legend of a poor girl, on which the sculptural composition Natasha is based.

Now it is a whole entertainment complex. Cascades of waterfalls, platforms, backwaters. Trout swims in the backwaters. You can fish it yourself, and it will be cooked for you on the spot.

Address: settl. Mikhailovsky crossing (stop short of it),
you can get there by motorcar or by bus.
See map view

Kastalsky font Kastalsky font Kastalsky font

Kastalsky font

At present time Kastalsky font is located before the exit from settlement Kabardinka. Near a little lake there is a small house in Medieval style. There are crucians, trout, carps in the lake. For a fee you will be offered to fish, and the catch will be cooked free of charge. You can order trout in foil or chargrilled salmon. Possibly, you will be told the legend of emergency of this site.

Address: settl. Kabardinka, Revolyutsionnaya street 148-a. You can get there by motor car or by bus to Kabardinka (on the exit way in the direction of Novorossiysk).

House-museum of writer Korolenko

Gelendzhik House-museum of writer Korolenko Gelendzhik House-museum of writer Korolenko Gelendzhik House-museum of writer Korolenko

History of its appearance: Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko came to the settlement Dzhankhot in 1898 upon the advice of Fyodor Shcherbina - ataman of the Cossack armed force. Upon choosing the place, the writer set about building a summer cottage. The design and sketches of the two-storied mansion were drawn up by Korolenko himself. Illarion, brother of the author, who had long suffered from tuberculosis, was conducting the construction. It might have been his idea to build a cottage in this wonderful place. Illarion was residing there permanently, undergoing treatment with the healing "spirit" of Pitsunda pine famous in the entire Russian Empire.

Korolenko with his family would often come to Dzhankhot for recreation. It is here, in this cottage, that he wrote his memoirs about Chekhov and Chernyshevsky, as well as about 400 manuscripts for various magazines. After the death of his brother in 1915 the author left this place for good. And in 1964 his cottage was made a museum. Now it is a huge architectural complex enclosed on all sides with a forest reserve where cypresses, fig trees, chestnut trees and of course pines grow.

Address: settl. Dzhankhot. You can reach it by motor car or by bus. Buses to population centers of Gelendzhik district leave from the "old bus terminal" which is located at the intersection of Lunacharskogo and Sadovaya streets.
For more details on Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko, click here... (Russian only)

Reference information of Gelendzhik

Approximate prices of "food basket", August 2010:

Eggs: 30-35 rubles for 10 eggs; Milk: 25 - 50 rubles/liter.; Butter: 40 - 60 rubles/200gr.; Sunflower seed oil: 45 - 60 rubles/liter.; Bread: 17 - 20 rubles/loaf; Meat: 180 - 260 rubles/kg.

Fruits: Peaches, apricots: 40 - 80 rubles/kg.; Cherries: 140 - 160 rubles/kg.; Apples: 40 - 60 rubles/kg.; Grapes: 100 - 150 rubles/kg.; Watermelons: 20 - 25 rubles/kg.; Melons: 45 - 55 rubles/kg.

Vegetables: Cucumbers: 40 - 50 rubles/kg.; Tomatoes: 30 - 40 rubles/kg.; Potatoes: 30 - 45 rubles/kg.; Onions, Carrots: 30 - 40 rubles/kg.

Corn on the cob: 10 rubles/cob.

The town has 2 marketplaces: Central marketplace between Kirova and Khersonskaya streets, and the so-called "Privoz" marketplace near the new bus terminal, at the beginning of ulitsa Kirova. See map view